When September starts, we are officially in Autumn. Autumn is described as a special season in many ways in Japan. ‘Autumn is for reading books’ ‘Autumn is for sports’ ‘Autumn is for appetite’ and ‘Autumn is for harvest’. Many fruits have been growing during summer and become ready to be picked this season. One of them and the most famous one in England are Apples.

For this month I made a Japanese sweet in a shape and flavour of Apples


The colour of real apples are quite various from dark red to green and yellow, but the most significant one must be a red one. So I made red apples with a tinge of yellow on the top.


As I made my apple slightly pinkish red, it looks like a fairy tale apple in Snow White.


Since the shape is an apple, the taste has to be apple too. I mixed cooked apple with White Bean Paste to create the central filling for this sweet.


The brown stoke of the apple is coloured and flavoured with cinnamon. Any sweet with apple goes so well with cinnamon.


It’s Free from Gluten, Dairy and Egg.


This sweet is served at Wasoukan‘s Matcha Bar (Notting Hill, London) until the end of September. Enjoy🍎!!


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