Firework on Guy Fawkes Night!

Today, the 5th of November, is Guy Fawkes Night and sometime also called Bonfire Night. It is the day that in 1605 Guy Fawkes and a group of people plotted to explode House of Parliament in England. However, they failed and got arrested and then were executed after brutally tortured. Later on people celebrated the attempt of Guy Fawkes and started making bonfires in a square and also putting up fireworks and fire crackers in the evening on Guy Fawkes Night.


So, I made Firework, Japanese sweet. I feel a little odd to post about Fireworks sweet in November. Because Fireworks season is normally summer in Japan and it seems like an out of season post. However, I made this Fireworks sweet for British people and this is one of my monthly sweets for November.


By expressing the colourful sparkles of fireworks in the sky I used ‘Nerikiri’ sweets in five colours and also Golden and Silver Food glitter.


The filling inside has to be colourful as well! I used Ube, Purple Sweet Potatoes, for adding colour and flavour to Sweet White Bean Paste, so that when you cut it in half more colour appears from the inside.


It’s Vegan and Gluten free.

This Firework sweet is served at Wasoukan (Notting Hill, London) at the moment.


Have a lovely Guy Fawkes Night!!


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