White Daffodils

So officially or perhaps unofficially ‘yet’ it is spring here in London. By following my previous post with ‘Ealy Spring Field’ I am going to introduce another early spring flower that you can find right now.

Daffodil-Flower-Record-Group_0a3cc90f-7f51-4a18-bf08-a9a89bb59cb6_x2000_crop_centerThey are Daffodils. Both Daffodil and Crocus are bulbous plants so they use energy stocked up in their bulbs to spread out the leaves from the ground even in the toughest season and try to be ready for opening flowers just on time when the sun warms up the air. I have to say their timing this year was perfect.

White Daffodils

I created yellow Daffodils last year so this year’s ones are pure White flowers.

W Daffodil2

It is a type of Japanese sweet called ‘Nerikiri’ which is totally Vegan and Gluten free.

W Daffodil5

The leave part has got Matcha flavour that goes well with Smooth Sweet Azuki (Red) bean paste filling I used as the centre.

W Daffodil6

I use all sort of ingredients to create different colour or flavour but simple white Nerikiri with the most basic traditional Sweet Azuki bean paste must be the best combination of all.

W Daffodil4

The weather might go colder again so I’d like to enjoy this sunny weather as much as I can now.🌼


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