Market Season has Arrived!

When the last month of the year arrives, I always become much busier than any other season. It’s because December is the month for the Christmas Market. I have been getting a stall in a local Market since 2012, but this year I had a chance to join to other stall holders in another Japanese Market at the end of November.

Yokimono Market4

Market No.1 – Yokimono Christmas Market

It was held in a pop-up retail space in North East London. I was planning to advertise about this event here on my blog, however, I really did not have any time to write anything at that time and I apologize if you would’ve wanted to come to this market. The organiser of this market is a vintage Japanese Kimono shop owner at the venue and she gathered great selections of people who have a wide range of products to offer from arts, jewellery and, clothing to all sorts of Japanese food. There were also many performances on that day such as music, dancing and ukulele concert to create a great atmosphere. It was wonderful that a group of people singing and dancing Okinawa music and visitors were helping to raise the donation for re-building Shuri Castle, in southern part of Japan, that was burned down badly in a horrific fire at the end of October.

For this market I prepared Japanese sweets such as ‘Nerikiri’ and the nations’ favourite ‘Mochi’ sweets.

Yokimono Market2

Yokimono Market1

I also brought some Japanese dessert of ‘Shiratama’ Mochi balls with various sweet bean paste and sauces. It was my first time to sell this kind of dessert but as I had expected it went down quite well.

Yokimono Market3

The place was packed with visitors of about 2000 people in total and once the door was open it was like a storm and I almost forgot to take any photo. These photos on this page are the only shots I managed to take and it was after some products were already sold out.

I enjoyed chatting with all the customers whilst selling my products. I was astonished that some people came from far away including a mother and son who flew in to London from Switzerland mainly for this market. Many people were Londoners that included some with different origin such as European countries and many Orientals from China, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Japan. By thinking that there is so much division all over the world at present, I thought it was so fantastic that so many people with different racial background are living harmoniously in London and coming to gather to this Japanese Market. This fact made me feel so happy and warm inside. I hope the rest of the world becomes like this.


Market No.2 – Jolly Hobbies Christmas Market

So the Yokimono Market ended well and there is another Japanese Market waiting for me. It is the one I joini annually. If you missed the opportunity to come to the last Market in November, please come to this one.

15th 2019

This market is also a Craft Market with lots of Japanese Food from savoury to sweets sold on site. It’s got a great reputation in food selection and although the door is supposed to open to the public at 1pm, people start gathering even before stalls are properly set up.

I am preparing to make various Nerikiri and Mochi sweets. Some Mochi type desserts went down so well in the previous market two weeks ago, so it will be on the menu too.

usagiAfter the Yokimono Market finished one lady told me that she arrived at the venue too late. All my products were sold out by then and she was so disappointed that she could not get any of my sweets. I do hope she will be able to come to the Jolly Hobbies Market.

This market will be open HALF DAY ONLY! Don’t miss it!




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