Clematis in Lilac Colour

Lilac c2My parents once had a Clematis plant in their front garden. In springtime it opened hundreds of beautiful flowers in lilac colour. Although the plant has sadly disappeared since then, the sight of the beauty stays in my memory forever and I wanted to make it as Wagashi sweet. The Clematis sweet I made last year and two years ago also can be seen from the links.


I made Clematis Japanese sweet ‘Wagashi’ by trying to reproduce the flower from my memory.


I normally use a centre filling which gives a great contrast in colour with the outer design for my sweet, however, I selected a light pink coloured filling flavoured with raspberry for this sweet. Lilac with pink looks pretty and the flavour is very light and spring-like.


It’s Vegan and Gluten free.


Have a great gardening season, everyone!


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