Clematis is one of my favourite flowers. Last year I made a Clematis sweet with a ‘Mochi’ type sweet so this year I wanted to create it in a different way. I decided to make it with a ‘Nerikiri’ sweet. The Clematis flowers are normally from white to pink or purple colour which is the colour I like the most. However, I did not want to use any food colouring this time so I used Ube Purple sweet potato/yam to colour and flavour the sweet. I like purple blue Clematis flower so that helped too.


By using the same sweet material in two colours (and flavour) of white and purple I created these two types.

Clematis 19-4

What I wanted to concentrate on making this sweet was recreating the hair-like fluffy-ness of the central part of the real flower.

Clematis 19-6

The whiter sweet is used two layers of sweet in purple and white.

Clematis 19-8

The centre filling is Sweet Azuki (Red) Bean Paste for both types.

It’s Vegan and Gluten free.

Clematis 19-5

I feel the photos of these sweet are very cooling to me. The weather forecast is saying that we are going to have a massive heat wave this week so I hope you feel chilling out by seeing them.


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