New Life – Sprouting Spring

After I introduced my Matcha Swirl Mochi in my previous post with a hope that the arrival of warm sunny spring is nearer we had another snow in London, but yesterday turned out to be a very sunny day. In Japan we say that it is ‘San-kan-shi-on’ (三寒四温/ 3 cold and 4 warm) which means “the weather moves onto Spring by having three cold days and four warm days”. It is describing the weather condition particularly in East Asian countries, however, I feel it is the same here in London.

The sunshine outside looked so welcoming yesterday and I could not resist stepping out into the garden. My garden has been messy during winter time and I did the first gardening of this year. I hope good weather stays so I can do some tidying up bit by bit before the real spring arrives here.

New Life

Spring is a season of new life. I created some sweets in this ‘New Life’ theme which is also the theory of Easter that comes next week. I wonder whether you can see what it is supposed to be?

New Life1

The look from the side is here.

New Life4

I created the sweets in the theme with three parts and the second one is this.

New Life6

It looks good with sunshine on it. And then the third one is this one.

New Life3

I hope you could see what they are. They are supposed to be the sprouting plant coming out of the ground. 🌱

These are ‘Mochi’ type of Japanese Sweets with sweet Azuki bean paste on top. The sprout part is also made with Japanese pastry with ‘Matcha’ green tea as flavour.

New Life8

Although it is still cold sometimes, nature knows the time is coming soon. Be patient everybody! Spring is just around the corner.


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