Watermelon Mochi

I mentioned in my previous post of Cinnamon & Cream Mochi I created several types of Mochi this summer and this Watermelon Mochi is another one.

Watermelon Mochi

As you can tell from the name and the appearance of the sweet I used Watermelon as the flavour of filling inside. Two years ago I made similar (in the look and also the name) sweet which I named Mochi Watermelon but there is a minor difference between them. Basically the one two years ago was in a shape of the fruit as well as the flavour, and the one I made this summer was Mochi with the flavour packed inside.

Watermelon Mochi

The outer look of this sweet is actually more like the real watermelon, just green and some lines as pattern. However, when you cut it in half you see the red colour filling flavoured with plenty of watermelon juice.

Watermelon Mochi 2-2

I added some back sesame seeds as the decoration for the photo shooting and now it looks more like the fruit itself.

It’s Vegan and Gluten free.


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